About Us


The company estabilished in 1992 by idealistic two young people, to realize a overqualified shipping company dream. In those years, the freight forwarding business is not a well known business area in the country and the main business was to/from Europe continent mostly. Based on extra ordinary attempts, these seed staff started up lcl consolidation service from China, during the time nobody have any idea what is the meaning of lcl consolidation !.. After then air freight consolidation attempts started up as well as a few pioneer company.

Now we are proud of seeing the actual level of our country’s freight forwarding industry and our contrubutions at the beginning was the base and brave steps.

Who We Are

  • • We are the people who believe in honesty from the beginning till now.
  • • We are the people who believe in focusing customer benefits will bring the success.
  • • We belive that our staff deserves the best conditions and full satisfaction but they always put clients into first priority without hesistation.
  • • We do believe that win to win practice always brings prosperity to each sides for any deals.

Our Country and Local Culture

Considering that our country, Turkey’s very strategic and bridge location and connecting both Europe and Asian continents, the people is also reflects the similar characteristics. The people is Europen but also Asian at the same time.

There is no country in the world, offering the same status. The people is friendly, tolerative, co-operative but also hard worker as well as tough discipline. These specialies comes from country’s the long history and interesting geographic co-ordinations cause four season may be lived at the same time !... In the last quaerter century, Turkey get a very quick progress and counted as respected powerful countries in the region. So investing Turkey will bring a lots of benefits to any investors.